I have a DJI ‘Ronin’ 3 Axis stabilised gimbal remote head with gimbal extensions so it will balance an Alexa Mini and Master Prime as see here

I can also mount this onto any Moy mount, so it works incredibly well on a Pee-Wee, or the Camera Cranes, or 4x4 tracking vehicles including our Discovery or Land Rover 90, giving you the ability to track in-shot with Runners, Cyclists, Cars or simply for moving GV’s or POV’s

..and even though it’s a low budget remote head it performs amazingly well providing very stable images even at high speeds. I can also mount this head on our GF-9 on the ‘Monster’ for a go anywhere 4x4 All Terrain Crane solution

DJI Ronin 3 Axis Remote Head                    

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