we supply a range of Jimmy Jibs or a GF-9 Crane to best suit your budget, arriving as a complete shooting solution to include:
Jib Operator, qualified Jib Assistant, the Jib up to 30 feet reach, Jib transport
based from London, Bristol or Birmingham to help your budget  
Included is the ability to control the FIZ (focus/iris/zoom) i.e. drive the lens with Hedén lens control motors that provide focus, zoom and iris using our digital ‘Pee-Pod 500’ powerful digital 3 Axis Remote Head
see our ‘Pee-Pod 500’ page  also see the ‘Monster’ page for the go anywhere 4x4 All Terrain solutionA%26C_Pee-Pod_500.htmlshapeimage_7_link_0shapeimage_7_link_1

Jimmy Jibs                   

Jimmy Jibs                                                         +44 (0)7971 217 985