This is our Grip Factory Munich GF Multi Jib *only available for Dry Hire to qualified Grips 

We have the complete kit as supplied new from the factory including the very stable GF Base with hard rubber tires complete with integral track wheels ready to simply roll onto your standard Moy track

this is great simple and quick short Crane solution for large format cameras in motion across Drama and Features

1ft to 16ft reach with a payload capacity of 60kg!
It builds out in 300mm. 500mm, 1m, and 1.5m box sections, so you can have loads of different reaches and lens heights to suit the set up, and in it’s quick to change if the shot changes

Moy fitting taking your Aurora and an Alexa and Optimo, producing very precise quality moves with none of the bounce or flex associated with lighter cranes or jib arms

Call for prices..we can usually deliver it direct to your set, or meet you to transfer it to the Grip truck

GF Multi Jib                    

GF Multi Jib                                                       +44 (0)7971 217 985