This is our GF-8 Camera Crane also built by GFM in Munich. Similar to our GF-9 this is the bigger brother in the form of a heavy duty rigid modular crane. We have the Xten version with 18 different lengths to choose from, building out in sections to a maximum reach of 35.5 feet and even at this reach it still takes a huge payload of 50 kilos
Completely rock solid and producing very precise quality moves with no bounce
We can supply it as is or with any stabilised or non-stabilised head, anything from the Libra head (as above) to our own non-stab A&C ‘Pee-Pod 500’ 3 axis remote head with operators wheels  (see our ‘Pee-Pod 500’ page)
..but it will take any Mitchell mount remote head, or our full two person ride-on platform and seats, making it also ideal for a Steadicam ‘step-on / step-off’ move
Supplied with a minimum of one Crane Tech it will require at least one other qualified Grip
..but we can also supply it with Crane Techs, NVQ Level 2, NVQ Level 3 Key Grips, crane track, steel decking, and (as above) with tracking vehicles. Please see the Met. Police guidelines for tracking on the highway, see the ‘Monster’ page for the go anywhere 4x4 All Terrain solutionA%26C_Pee-Pod_500.htmlshapeimage_7_link_0shapeimage_7_link_1

GF-8 crane                    

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