Television Documentary/Features

Title:                                                                                           Prod Co.                      Director                             Credited for

Guy Martin’s: ‘Last Flight of the Vulcan Bomber‘              North One TV             James Woodroffe            GF-9 Operator / Cameraman

Countryfile: Photo Competition                                            BBC                              James Vale                        GF-9 Operator

‘Kevin’s Supersized Salvage‘                                                  Arrow Media              Russell England                Jimmy Jib Operator

‘Porn on the Brain‘                                                                  Blink                             Bruce Hepton                   DoP

‘Shakespeare‘                                                                           Arrow Media              Sophie Elwin Harris         GF-9 Operator

Guy Martin’s: ‘Spitfire‘                                                           North One TV             James Woodroffe             Jimmy Jib / Cameraman

Top Gear                                                                                   BBC                               Phil Churchward               Cameraman

Kevin McCloud’s ‘Man Made Home’ - The Series             Optomen                     Ben Leigh                           Jimmy Jib Operator

‘Restoration’ Man Series I & II                                              Tiger Aspect                Emma Slack                      Jimmy Jib Operator

‘Grand Designs’ 2014                                                              Boundless                   Rob Gill                              Jimmy Jib / Cameraman

The Plantagenets: ‘The Devils Brood‘                                  BBC                               Jamie Simpson                 Jimmy Jib Operator

River Cottage: Autumn                                                           Keo Films                     Nic Gutteridge                  Jimmy Jib Operator

Dispatches - ‘Retirement Homes‘                                         October Films             Kate Middleton                Lighting Cameraman

‘The Story of Electricity‘                                                          BBC                              Tim Usborne                     Jimmy Jib Operator

‘Angelic Voices: Choristers of Salisbury Cathedral‘           Wingspan                    Cesca Eaton                      Lighting Cameraman

Panorama – various                                                                BBC                               various                               Camera / Jimmy Jib

Nigel Slater: ‘Simple Food‘                                                     BBC                              Sarah Myland                    Jimmy Jib Operator

Kevin McCloud’s ‘One Man and his Shed‘                           Optomen                    Patrick Furlong                  Jimmy Jib Operator

‘Pugin: God’s Architect‘                                                          BBC                              David Johnson                  Jimmy Jib Operator 

‘Me, My Sex and I‘                                                                   BBC                              Giles Harrison                   Jimmy Jib Operator

‘Antiques House’: Titles                                                          ITN Productions         Jane Hosking                    DoP / Jimmy Jib Operator

Guy Martin: ‘How Britain Worked‘                                       North One TV             James Woodroffe            Jimmy Jib Operator

History Channel: Churchill and the Cabinet War Rooms  Flashback TV               David Edgar                       DoP

Lorraine’s ‘Fast Fresh and Easy Food’: Titles                      BBC                               Ben Warwick                     Jimmy Jib Operator

‘Grand Designs’ Series 2 - 6                                                   Talkback Thames        various                               Jimmy Jib / Cameraman

Roman Villa                                                                              Darlow Smithson       Jamie Simpson                  Jimmy Jib Operator

George Clarke’s: ‘The Great British Property Scandal‘     Tiger Aspect                Emma Slack                       Jimmy jib Operator

Mysterious Science: ‘Rebuilding Stonehenge‘                    Darlow Smithson       Bruce Hepton                   DoP

Building the Biggest:  ‘The Alfaisaliah Tower Riyadh‘        Wall to Wall                Alex West                          DoP

Building the Biggest:  ‘Aeroplane the A380‘                        Wall to Wall                Alex West                          DoP

Alex Polizzi: ‘The Hotel Inspector‘                                         TwoFour                      Colin May                          Jimmy Jib Operator

James May Toy Stories: ‘ Meccano‘                                      Plum Pictures             Alex Dunlop                       Jimmy jib Operator

‘Mawson’ Life & Death in Antartica                                      ABC                              Alex West                          DoP (UK)

Fifth Gear                                                                                  North One TV              Phil Churchward               Jimmy Jib Operator

‘Yesterday we were in America‘                                            Aquarius Films            Mike Christie                     Jimmy Jib Operator

The Lark Ascending                                                                  BBC                               Nazma Chowdhury          Jimmy Jib Operator

Building the Impossible: ‘The First Submarine‘                   BBC                               Danielle Peck                    DoP

‘The Social History of Motoring’: Series                               Flashback TV               Andrew Johnston             DoP

‘Toughest Job in Britain’: Series                                             BBC                               various                               Lighting Cameraman

‘What the Victorians Did For Us’: Ep 4 ,Ep 8                        BBC                               Sam Starbuck                    DoP

‘What the Romans did for us’ BAFTA Nominated               BBC                               Martin Mortimore           Series DoP

‘Chruchill and the Cabinet War rooms‘                                 Flashback TV               Andrew Johnston             DoP

‘Garden Doctors‘                                                                       Flashback TV               David Edgar                       DoP

Television Outside Broadcast

Title:                                                            Prod Co.                Director                      Cam Supervisor               Credited for

Springwatch 2014 OB                               BBC                        James Morgan           Pat McKeeman                 Jimmy Jib Operator

Children in Need (various)                       BBC                        various                        various                               Jimmy Jib Operator

One Man and His Dog                               BBC                        James Morgan           Mike Johnson                    Jimmy Jib Operator

             BBC Showcase                                            Zest                       Pati Marr                     Simon Roe                          Jimmy Jib Operator

Television Drama / Features

Title:                                                            Prod Co.                      DoP                                 Key Grip                          Credited for

‘Call the Midwife’ 5                                   Neal Street                 Toby Moore                   David Bradshaw            GF-9 crane / Head Operator

‘Poldark’ Series 1 opening seq.               Mammoth Screen     Adam Etherington        James Holloway             Jimmy Jib / Head Operator

‘Professor Branestawm‘                           BBC                              Nick Dance                     Kylie Stubbs                    GF-8 Crane Tech

‘You Me and the Apocalpse‘                   Working Title              Stephan Pehrsson         Tony Sankey                   GF-9 Crane Operator

‘Stella‘                                                         Tidy Productions        Ian Adrian                       Martyn Jones                 GF-9 Crane Operator

‘Doctor Who Christmas Special 2013‘   BBC                              Neville Kidd                    Damian Roberts             GF-8 Crane Operator

‘Call the Midwife’ 3                                  Neal Street                  Ulf Brantas                     Garth Sewell                   GF-8 Crane Operator

‘Luther III‘                                                   BBC                              Stephan Pehrsson          Tony Fabian                    GF-8 Crane Tech

‘Hidden Kingdoms 3D’ Atlantic Films    BBC                              Jonathan Jones              N/A                                    GF-8 crane / Head Operator

‘Alys II‘                                                        Apollo                          Richard Wyn                   Ellis Wyn Jones               Jimmy Jib / Head Operator

‘Casualty‘                                                    BBC                              Jaz Castleton                   Paul O’Neil                      Jimmy Jib Operator

Feature Films

Title:                                                     Prod Co.                      Dir / DoP / HoD            Key Grip                                Credited for

‘Le Mans 3D‘                                        New Black Films        Sam McCurdy BSC        Sergio ‘Bernie’ Bernuzzi     GF-8 Operator

‘Victor Frankenstein’ VFX Unit         Fox UK Prods              Angus Bickerton           VFX: Jaun Bueno                  VFX elements DoP

‘Paddington’: 2nd Unit                      Marmalade Films       John Sorapure              Darren Quinn (2nd Unit)    GF-8 Crane Tech

‘Maleficent’: VFX Unit                       Roth / Disney              Barrie Hemsley             Peter Myslowski                  GF-8 Crane / Head Operator

‘Dark Shadows’: VFX Unit                 ShadowDark Prods    Angus Bickerton            n/a                                         VFX elements DoP

‘Far North‘                                           The Bureau                 Asif Kapadia                   Rupert Lloyd-Parry              Jimmy Jib Operator

‘Angels and Demons’: CERN Unit    The Senate                  Angus Bickerton            n/a                                         Remote Head Operator


Title:                                   Production Co.                       Director                             DoP                                           Credited for

‘Baar Baar Deko‘              Excel Ent/Dharma                  Nitya Mehra                     Ravi K. Chandran                    GF-9 crane Operator (UK)

‘Phantom‘                         Nadiadadwala G. Ent.            Kabir Khan                        Aseem Mishra                         Jimmy Jib Operator (UK)

‘FAN‘                                  Yash Raj Films                         Maneesh Sharma            Manu Anand                            Jimmy Jib Operator (UK)

‘Jab Tak Hai Jan‘               Yash Raj Films                         Yash Chopra                     Anil Mehta                               Jimmy Jib Operator (UK)

‘PAA‘                                  Amitabh Bachchan Corp.      R.Balki                               P.C. Sreeram                            Jimmy Jib Operator (UK)

‘Housefull 2‘                     Nadiadadwala G. Ent             Sajid Khan                        Manoj Soni                                Jimmy Jib Operator (UK)

‘Tezz‘                                  United 7 Ent.                          Priyadarshan                    Riki Butland                              Jimmy Jib Operator (UK)

Commercials as DoP or Jimmy Jib Operator

Apple Watch  -  ‘Polar’ –Dancer  -  Boo Hoo ‘Autumn‘    ‘Talisker’ Whisker  -  ‘Joop Homme’  -  ‘Rated People’  -  Primark

Stannah Stairlifts  -  Dunhill Luggage  -  Citreon  -  Scalextric  -  Hennesey Whiskey

Corporates as DoP

Jaguar/Landrover  -  ITOPF: Oil Spill Response  -  McLaren 650s  -  Eddie Stobart promo  -  ‘Challenger II Tank’  -  Walkers “Sensations”

Royal British Legion: ‘Silence in the Square’  -  ‘Martin Brundle’s Supercars‘  -  Range Rover “Accessories” promo  -  J&B GROUP

Steamship Mutual “Collison Course”  -  Bayer Pharmaceuticals: Promo  -  Redken: Promo  -  Land Rover ‘Discovery’: Various  -  Lloyds

Launch of the Land Rover ‘Freelander’  -  Intel: Various  -  Land Rover ‘Defender’: Various films  -  Wimpey: IBCA Gold Award

Music Promos as GF9  and Jimmy Jib Operator

Passenger Live  -  Iron Maiden: ‘Ed Force One’  -  Tinie Tempah ‘Don’t Sell Out’  -  Justin Bieber Promo  -  Barbican Theatre ‘Cymberline’  - 

             Van Morrison in the Park  -  Duran Duran MEN Arena  -  The Three Tenors  -  Massive Attack  -  MTV Asia

eSports Streaming as GF9 and Jimmy Jib Operator

             2016 eSports Awards for Gfinity  -  EGX 2016  -  Twitch i58  -  EGX 2015  -  DreamHack at the CopperBox  -   Elite Dangerous Duxford

a selection of Credits                                           +44 (0)7971 217 985

a selection of Credits                                         +44 (0)7971 217 985