Inspired at age 10 by the simple Kodak 127 I continue to explore a passion for photography

A brief timeline:-

1982 I started out, aged 21, as a loader on drama, documentaries, commercials and features

Over the next eight years I extensively trained as a focus puller working with award winning DoP’s such as John Gibson and Peter Greenhalgh BSC: I was able to observe and also get involved in the workflow and I built an incredible knowledge of shooting 16 and 35mm film and video

1990 I made myself up to Lighting Cameraman and to date I’ve lit Tv features and commercials, shot complex VFX sequences for a number of current pictures, directed commercials, cut my own films, and of course as such I'm totally fluent in film grammar

1994 I was one of the first UK Owner/Operators of the ‘Jimmy Jib’ camera crane system

Having now owned a number of these cranes and used them very successfully in just about every environment on this planet,  I can confidently say I'm a very skilled Crane Operator

2012 with the desire to own a camera crane that does more than the Jimmy Jib, I bought a Grip Factory Munich GF-8 crane which happily takes larger camera packages out to a reach and height of 35.5 feet

2013 an early adopter of the Sony F5 camera

2015 I took delivery of the Grip Factory Munich GF-9 which is an up-market ‘Jimmy Jib’ one-man operator style crane that is quicker to build, beautifully engineered, and delivers smoother crane moves

I have a great eye for an image, an intimate knowledge of the industry and tapeless cameras, and I have some excellent contacts

I shoot and direct photography with ease, happy operating hand held on de-constructed ob’s doc’s as I am directing photography on formal pre-constructed short or long form work, or scripted drama

I also regularly work on the VFX Unit shooting elements plates and I slot into a team and relish the joint creative process.

In short - I'm the perfect stop for great images in modern workflows


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