Our electric crane base provides almost totally silent, rapid and safe repositioning across almost all terrain!

A zero local emission electric 4x4 All Terrain Vehicle specifically re-designed as a ‘Gator’ motorised base for our camera cranes

You’re no longer limited by static crane positions! Simply drive between set-ups!

Seen here with rugged off-road tyres but we have available smooth Golf Course tyres ready on standby rims if we need to work on lawns or Grade I listed turf

Some years ago we devised this mobile crane solution to solve the problem of quickly and safely moving across uneven ground or large locations. We’ve provided a motorised crane solution since 2007!

..back then our youngest daughter naming it ‘The Monster’ the second she set eyes on it!

Also a brilliant vehicle for Stedicam tracking shots as it’s silent and fast to accelerate with continuos torque with no gear changes to 25mph ..OR slow crane and tracking shots using our Ronin 3 axis gimbal head!

for more images check out the 4x4_monster Instagram account

   an electric, low carbon asset for your production

‘The Monster’                 

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