Grip Factory Munich (the GF bit) designed this beautiful modular Camera Crane as their answer to the Jimmy Jib
..boy did they get it right!
It’s almost the same but it’s easier to operate in the ‘Jimmy Jib’ style as the engineering is far more sophisticated, offering a more robust, more stable, more logical, proper Crane solution for large format cameras in motion across Drama, Features, Docs and OB’s

Anything up to a lens height of 30 feet and a reach of 31 feet with a payload capacity from 25kg to 45kg!
It builds out in 500mm, 1m, and 1.5m box sections, so there are lots of different reaches and lens heights to choose from, and in any case we can quickly change it to suit the shot if you change your mind

Very stable on it’s GFM Base that has soft pneumatic tires, able to roll along a pavement or gentle on a precious floor, it comes complete with integral track wheels allowing us to simply roll onto standard Moy track perfect for Drama productions where we simply roll onto your existing track - or we can provide the track for you

Building out to a maximum reach of 30 feet it easily takes an Alexa and Optimo, producing very precise quality moves with none of the bounce or flex associated with lighter cranes or jibs

We charge it out at exactly the same rate as our Jimmy Jib package, supplying it with our A&C ‘Pee-Pod 500’ 3 axis remote head which arrives to your location as a complete shooting solution to include:
Crane Operator, qualified Crane Assistant, the Crane up to 30 feet reach, Crane transport all based from London, Bristol or Birmingham to help your budget

see our ‘Remote Heads’ page for the heads specs and see the ‘Monster’ page for a go anywhere Gator 4x4 All Terrain fixRemote_Heads.htmlJib_Gator.htmlshapeimage_7_link_0shapeimage_7_link_1

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