If not using an Alexa, Alexa Mini or Amira, I can offer you a Sony F5 which also has a super 35mm CMOS sensor and coupled with the cameras PL mount my 18-85mm T2.9 Red Pro zoom, or a set of primes, delivers incredible 4k or 1920x1080 images that can feature stunning flare and bokeh for a great high end film look, or simply extravagantly sharp HD pictures that when set to MPEG also match existing 2/3” broadcast cameras

It records 4k XAVC, 1920x1080 XAVC or MPEG internally to SxS cards up to 180fps, or using a a bolt on external recorder records 4k RAW up to 60fps or 2k RAW to 240fps

Also switchable to 59.94 720x1280 direct SDi output for Live Streaming

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Why not combine this with my BlackMagic Cinema camera as a ‘B’ camera for that second camera on interviews or stand alone B roll footage at 2k DNG RAW or 1920x1080 ProRes. Such an impressive camera, even used extensively for shooting VFX plates on features. Timecode sync rushes available using an AJA Ki Pro Mini